Transport insurance

GN Transport is according to our insurance company, one of the carriers who have had the lowest number of freight damages during the last few years.

We would none the less like to be sure that the customer receives the correct compensation in the event of damage during shipment. According the general transport conditions stated in NSAB 2000, the compensation is limited to around € 10 per kg.

We therefore recommend customers with high value products to subscribe an extra insurance, either with their own insurance company or by GN Transport. We can offer you an all-risk insurance for each type of product in collaboration with Trygg Hansa.

Insurance of stored goods

Any goods that are stored in our terminals are insured according NSAB 2000. Although, this general insurance does not cover water damages, fire or theft. Such risks should be covered by the customers insurance.

GN Transport in cooperation with Trygg Hansa can help you define the right insurance for your goods.

General conditions

Download - General Transport Conditions

Download - NSAB 2000

MAUT – German road tax

In January 2005, Germany introduced a new tariff system on 12000 km of their motorway for all vehicles with a permitted transport weight of > 12 tons. This new system called LKW-Maut, is a form of tax that the German Government applies on trucks over 3.5 tons and is based on the distance in kilometers traveled, number of axles and emissions. 

road tax expenses increased by almost 10% from 12.4 cents per kilometer to 13.5 cents. The decision was taken by the German Parliament on the initiator of the Transport Ministry.

another increase was announced. Current tariff cost is between EUR 0,141 and € 0,288 per axle and emissions.

the Maut is estimated to be raised again.

the new Eurovignette directive is inserted in all EU countries. All freight vehicles from 3.5 tons (allowed weight) will pay customs fees.