Modern and professional - this is how we introduce ourselves to your customers!

We employ about 100 vehicles. Our vehicle fleet consists mostly of modern vehicles minimum Euro Class 5. We are careful to constantly renew our fleet in order to maintain a good standard and to avoid disruptions in our production. We set high standards for our vehicles and our drivers in terms of road safety, quality and environmental awareness. Among other things, we have equipped all trailers with GPS and trucks with alcohol specific interlocks.

Our fleet is currently composed of:

• 130 curtain side trailers,
• 10 reefer trailers,
• 50 box trailers.

To minimize environmental impact, we use the combination of 25.25 m trailers for domestic transport in Sweden.

We have an ongoing driver training in the form of a 12-point program as well as a driver handbook in order to keep our employees constantly updated. Our drivers know that they play an important role as the link between you and your customer and work hard to deliver quality throughout the line.

GN's uniform and clean vehicles are another important way for us to transmit our professional image.