There is no need to worry about your shipments between Scandinavia and France anymore

The routes leading Scandinavia to France and vice-versa are our playground. We have spent the past thirty years delivering customized door-to-door solutions to our customers on this specific route, and plan on keeping doing so for many years to come.

Whether you need us to help you with full-load (FTL) or part-load (LTL) transportations, our dedicated transport planners will make use of their broad experience and their extended network to ensure that your shipments reach their destination as intended. This the case of the 50,000 shipments that are taken care of annually, and pass through our headquarters in Halmstad, or through one or several of our subsidiaries in Stockholm, Luxembourg or Paris.

Our hard work, our will to continuously improve ourselves, and our commitment to fulfilling our customers’ needs resulted last year in:

  • 98,4% of the shipments between Sweden and France being delivered at the right place within the agreed period of time,
  • 99,91% of those transports arriving undamaged to the consignee.

No matter the size of your business, the language you speak, and the type of transport you would like us to help you with, our highly committed staff remains at your disposal 365 days per year to ensure that you get the personal service you need at any time. Do not hesitate to directly call us using the French, English, or Swedish language, we will put you in line with a colleague who masters this language. It is also possible to address some of our employees in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech or Russian upon request.

Although most of the aforementioned shipments do not require any particular setting, we are used to transporting other types of goods. All our drivers and vehicles are for instance equipped for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). Our internal national road security advisers also keep us informed about possible improvements and new regulations. Moreover, we have worked with regulated-temperature transports ever since our creation in 1986, resulting in a long experience and solid knowledge about this type of transportation. 25% of our fleet is composed of refrigerator-freezers with temperature sensors. We can make sure that your goods are transported at the right temperature (-25 degrees to +25 degrees Celsius).

Steel Coils / Paper Rolls

Handling and transporting steel coils are assignments that have no secrets to us anymore. Our skilled employees are used to doing it, and we will make sure to provide you with a top-quality service, partly by using trailers made for the transport of this particular type of goods. We are also able to provide you with tailor-made storage services for coils. 

Paper rolls are also known to be easily damaged and hardly handled. Our terminals are therefore equipped with paper roll clamps; making it easy and quick to handle this type of goods, with as well as without pallets.

Express Transports

With our express services, you are guaranteed the fastest route between Scandinavia and France! We have daily departures every 12 hours from our terminal in Halmstad and Vailly. Your shipping costs are refunded if the agreed delivery time is not fulfilled. Exceptions are events which are classified under the Force Majeure. 

  • 24H: Between southern Sweden and northern France. - Within 24 hours.
  • 36H: Between southern Sweden and northern France. - Within 36 hours.
  • 48H: From all over France and Sweden. - Within 48 hours.
  • 72H: Between anywhere in Scandinavia and anywhere in France. - Within 72 hours.