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No, we only transport goods for other companies.
Our main focus is on the French market but over the years it has partly spread along the neighboring countries such as BENELUX and traffic into Spain and Portugal. However, it is important to emphasize that our continued main market is France.

Standard lead times to France are 4-6 working days depending on the place of dispatch in Sweden or France. We also offer express delivery via GN Express.

The customer’s expectation of the time of their delivery to and from France is our goal with every transport assignment. France is divided into departments from 01 – 95 and the number of the department comes from the order of the alphabet and has nothing to do with the geographical affiliation.

Contact us and we can tell you more and go through your shipment in particular.

On all weekends and holidays, large transport vehicles are prohibited from driving in France. For this reason, we can unfortunately never offer the possibility of arriving on a Saturda
All our vehicles have a GPS and can be tracked in real time.
We are not a parcel distributor. We have a minimum charge of 1 pallet.

It is a constant work in progress. Please take a look at this in our latest Sustainability Report, which you can find on our sustainability page.

We have staff in our various offices who speak French, as well as Swedish, English, German and Spanish, to na

We have a customer portal where you can easily enter new bookings or track your shipments.

Link to customer portal.

We sometimes deliver to private homes, but we do not drive for private individuals, only for other companies.
Within Sweden, we work according to NSAB2015.

Below are maximum weights in Europe. The weights in the list are the maximum allowed weight.

Consignment weights exceeding the maximum allowable weight on cargo carriers means that the shipment should be split and we will load several cargo units, resulting in more than one shipment.

Country/Max weight (kg)
Belgium: 25000
Denmark: 30,000
France: 25000
Luxembourg: 25000
Netherlands: 25000
Portugal: 24000
Switzerland: 24000
Spain: 25000
Sweden: 37500
Germany: 25000

As a carrier, we operate in different countries to reach our destinations and for GN Transport it is Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium , Luxembourg, France, Spain and Portugal.

Many of these countries currently have road tax for traffic on their motorways, and we foresee that more and more will introduce so-called road taxes in the form of tolls, transport taxes and other means.

Our drivers are trained to drive dangerous goods and the vehicles are ADR equipped.
No, we do not handle removals.
We have offices and terminals in SE30 Halmstad, LU32 Bettembourg and FR69 Lyon.
The head office of GN Transport is located in Villmanstrand in SE30 Halmstad, Sweden.
We don’t run 20 or 40 foot containers.
We have some flows that we handle domestically in Sweden but more limited from and to the Halmstad region.
We do not normally carry domestic freight within France. However, much of our freight goes out from Luxembourg for direct delivery throughout France.

Within the GN family, we have a company which today is also located in Villmanstrand, GN Logistics AB, which works with storage, picking and packing as well as distribution out of the country on behalf of various customers. Read more about this under logistics.

No, we are independent all the way to the final destination. We are not part of any other external network but we influence our own work.
No, we do not take out extra cargo insurance. If your goods have a high value, we recommend that you contact your insurance company.
In addition to diesel, we run on liquid gas and HVO.
At present, we cannot handle and transport hazardous waste.
We run both heating, cooling and freezing goods. To know more about the types of transportation we provide see our transportation page.
If there is a need for loading or unloading with a tail lift, we can organize it.
We have no Mega trailers in our fleet.
We transport alcoholic beverages for approved importers who in turn sell to Systembolaget or the restaurant industry. We do not bring home alcoholic beverages for private individuals.
No, we only provide solutions by road, even if part of the route is by sea or rail.
We have a large number of coil trailers in our fleet. We carry out coil transportation on a daily basis.

We offer daily express services out of Halmstad and vice versa out of Luxembourg, where we have different fast solutions depending on volume and destination. We are happy to provide prices for 24H, 36H, 48H or 72H express. Read more here and if you have a request, please send it to and you are guaranteed a quick reply back with possibility and price.

We do some of our transportation by train.

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GN Transport

Villmanstrandvägen 12
302 62 Halmstad

GN Logistics

Villmanstrandvägen 12
302 62 Halmstad


GN Logistics Luxembourg S.A.R.L

Z.A.E Krakelshaff
3290 Bettembourg
+352 26 10 49


GN Transport S.A.R.L

5, Rue du Traité de Rome
FR-69780 Mions, France
+33 323 54 55 56