GN Transport has a strong focus on transportation between Sweden and France. Having said that, we also offer a wide range of other services. Read below to learn more about our different transport solutions.



If you hire us, you can feel sure that we will take care of your transport in the best possible way.


GN Transport carries out express transport to and from all over Sweden & France.


GN Transport sees it as a matter of course that you should be able to get a tailor-made, flexible and user-friendly service.

Our Services

International Transport

Daily departures between Sweden and France and vice versa.

Express Transport

With our express services, you are guaranteed the fastest route between Scandinavia and France!

Sustainable Transport

A combined rail and road transport – a better choice for the environment.

Domestic Transport

Daily distribution from our terminal in Halmstad.

Temperature Transport

GN Transport are specialists in temperature-controlled transports between France and Sweden.

ADR Transport

We help you with transportation of dangerous goods between France and Sweden.

International Transport

GN Transport’s business concept is to be a niche company in transportation solutions between Sweden and France.

We offer you a partner who can deliver customized door-to-door solutions with guaranteed security of delivery for both piece goods, batch goods and full loads.

With our wholly-owned subsidiaries in France and Luxembourg, we make sure that you get a complete service all the way that has no counterpart in the industry.

Our highly committed employees ensure that you receive the personal service you require on every given occasion.

Our policy of long-term business relationships creates great trust with our customers.

We offer our customers:

domestic transportation sweden

Domestic Transports - Sweden

Departing from Halmstad, we handle your domestic freight from Halland and the surrounding area to mainly Mälardalen, Dalarna and Gästrikland by truck, train or in combination.

GN Inrikes delivers goods all over Sweden but is mainly specialized in the above areas. We work closely with our customers, mainly with our own vehicles, terminals and warehouses.

GN Transport is flexible to work with and has fast deliveries.

GN Express

Express Transports between Sweden and France

Southern Sweden & Northers France:
Within 24H / 36H
From Sweden to all of France:
Within 48H / 72H
gn express express transportation sweden france

GN Express - Fast deliveries with GUARANTEE!


Transportation with the right temperature on the road!


GN Transport has worked with temperate transport since 1986. We have a long experience and solid knowledge of this type of transportation.

With 25% of our fleet consisting of refrigeration and freezer units equipped with temperature sensors, we ensure that your goods are transported at the correct temperature (+25 degrees to -25 degrees Celsius) from door to door.

We have knowledge of many different industries' needs for temperature-controlled transport from food and pharmaceuticals to aviation & space industry.


Trains combined with trucks - a good environmental choice!


Freight transport is increasingly in focus. Many of the goods we consume are produced far away.

This means that the number of road transports is constantly increasing, as well as traffic jams and then also air and ground pollution.

GN Transport is constantly working to increase our efficiency, productivity and level of service, while work is ongoing to reduce the environmental impact of our transport.


GN Transport's handling of Dangerous Goods on the road!


ADR transportation sets very high demands on the vehicle, the driver and the transport preparations.

At our disposal we have our own road safety advisor. All our vehicles are ADR equipped and all drivers have ADR certificates.

Modern vehicle fleet

GN Transport invests in a modern and climate-smart vehicle fleet.

Our vehicle fleet consists mostly of new vehicles with Euro 6 engines and vehicles with alternative fuels such as biogas.

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