Tailored services to simplify, optimize and accelerate your company’s transport and logistics. GN Dedicated Solutions help you.

Dedicated Solutions

simplify, optimize and accelerate your company’s transport and logistics
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GN Dedicated Solutions - The Future of Logistics

With GN Dedicated Solutions, we optimize the transport and logistics process to take the step into the future of logistics together. GN Dedicated Solutions is about delivering your products to your customers efficiently and in the best possible way, no matter where they are in the world.

We use sophisticated IT tools and our deep industry knowledge to facilitate interactions between shippers, suppliers and carriers. GN Dedicated Solution also helps with continuous monitoring and evaluation of the logistics chain by using the data available to analyze and present transport-related trends and facts.


We understand that time is money, and our commitment to ensuring a high quality of delivery is unmatched. With our dedicated fleet and efficient route optimization, we ensure that your deliveries arrive on time - every time!

Tailor-made solution

We believe that every business is unique and has its own specific transportation needs. GN Dedicated Solution tailors a transportation strategy to suit your business. Whether it's industry-specific requirements or particular delivery challenges.

Efficiency and cost savings

GN Dedicated Solutions is not only reliable but also cost-effective. By eliminating unnecessary time and cost wastage, you can maximize the efficiency of your business while saving resources.

Expertise and Experience

With decades of experience in the transportation industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities your business may face. Our expertise makes us the perfect partner to navigate through today's fast-moving environment and short trend cycles.

Dedicated Solutions at a glance

GN Dedicated Solutions coordinates and optimizes your entire logistics process. Through a strategic partnership we achieve the following:
GN Dedicated Solution has many years of experience in the industry and has specialized knowledge in transport and supply chain management. You as a customer can take advantage of this to optimize and streamline your entire logistics flow.
By managing and coordinating multiple parties and with tailored transportation networks, the efficiency of the entire supply chain can be improved. This can lead to reduced costs, shorter lead times and better use of resources.
By optimizing transport, warehousing and other logistics processes, we can together achieve reduced costs for you as a customer.
Today’s logistics market is fast-moving and through GN Dedicated Solution your logistics process is quickly adapted to new conditions. Our logistics solutions are also flexible and scalable, which means that we can quickly grow together with our customers and adapt the logistics solution to new requirements.
By outsourcing logistics management to GN Dedicated Solutions, our customers can focus more on their core business and strategic goals, while we take care of the logistics.
We have access to advanced IT technology and systems to monitor and optimize the logistics flow in real time. This allows us to contribute to increased transparency and control in your supply chain.

GN Dedicated solutions manages various supply chain risk factors, such as supply disruptions or quality issues, and help develop risk management strategies.

Dedicated solutions bundled in one package

GN Dedicated Solution offers an end-to-end transportation and logistics solution to our customers to help achieve increased efficiency, cost savings and improved logistics performance!

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What GN Transport's dedicated solutions can do for your business

GN Dedicated solutions can include the following solutions for your business:

Management of transportation from order to delivery by a dedicated team. Our team can assist with planning loads, booking transports, booking slot times, monitoring transports, status updates etc. The quality that permeates GN is of course our guiding principle and the dedicated team will notify if something goes wrong and come up with proactive solutions to any problems.
Supplier evaluation and assessment is becoming increasingly important and time consuming. It is important to ensure that all requirements are met at all stages. GN Dedicated solution has a tailor-made network of carriers that have undergone our scrutiny on all aspects of sustainability, quality and service.

Through our experience in the market and wide network of contacts, we can carry out transport tendering for you as a customer. The tendering result is analyzed and you get a recommendation on how the logistics chain should be set up and which partners should be used, all based on the wishes / requirements set up before the tendering started.

As a customer of Dedicated Solution, you get one party to talk to and one invoice for all your transportation. The transport invoices are reviewed to ensure that they comply with the agreements made and that the correct amount is invoiced before the cost is billed to you.
Claims are complex and often require expertise and experience to resolve. Our experts in the field take care of your claim and make sure you get a quick solution and the right compensation for the cargo damage.