We help customers in Sweden, Luxembourg & France with a complete concept in logistics, warehousing and distribution.


GN Logistics was founded in 2013 and today has 4 strategically located and modern warehouse facilities.

You can find us in:

  • Halmstad, SE
  • Falkenberg, SE
  • Bettembourg, LU
  • Lyon, FR


We have a total of more than 45,000 square meters of warehouse space.

GN Logistics proudly serves over 30 satisfied customers across various industries.

In order to perform at 100%, we strive to create the best possible work environment for our employees! A key to our success in logistics is our deep commitment to our customers and our personalized service.

See below how GN Logistics can help you and your business.

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Logistics: Warehousing

High security storage of goods and tailor-made logistic solutions.

Whether you need to build an extensive international logistic chain or have short-term local storage needs for highly seasonal goods, we can help!

We operate more than 30,000 square meters of storage, cross-dock and distribution centers. These units are completely built to meet the needs of many different industries. That our storage premises are close to motorways, ports and railway operators is strategically obvious for GN Logistics.

Together with the customer, we carefully plan our customers’ cross-border transportation needs regardless of where in the world the supplier or customer is located.

GN Logistics is able to provide these services at its own terminals in Sweden (Halmstad), France (Paris) and Luxembourg (Bettembourg).

This is served by employees with extensive experience in warehouse management. Our facilities in Sweden are highly secure, with camera surveillance and electric fencing, giving you extra security and peace of mind.

Logistics: Organizing

Store in the best possible way

Logistics: Distribution

Distribution of goods with high delivery reliability!

What kind of logistics solution are You looking for?

Our logistics solutions are, just like our transports, very flexible to suit different needs. In recent years, solutions within 3PL, and also 4PL and 5PL, have been in great demand. GN Logistics can offer all solutions, contact us and we will tell you more.

Differences between 3PL, 4PL and 5PL​

GN Logistics is a leading company in logistics and delivers a range of services, including 3PL, 4PL and 5PL. These concepts represent different levels of logistics solutions, and we will explain the differences between them and how GN Transports services can benefit your business with each option.

storage logistics

We have modern warehousing properties in Sweden, France and Luxembourg.

truck logistic

In our effort to make handling as easy as possible, we review different transport options and present them to you.

GN Logistics truck sunset terminals

Transhipment and pallet handling terminals in Sweden, Luxembourg and France.

equipment gn logistics

Forklifts and necessary IT equipment for customers' storage need

expertise logistics solutions

Logistical expertise in warehousing and transportation to create unique solutions for customers' needs.

system it logistiktjänster
System & IT

WMS and TA systems supporting logistic and transportation flows.

Our facility in Halmstad

GN Logistics has a newly built logistics property in Halmstad that we moved into in 2020.

13 400m2 for warehousing and order management. With the best combination of knowledgeable and experienced staff for the best possible quality and flexibility.

Indoor ceiling height of 11 meters.