GN Transport wants, in everything we do, to reduce our ecological footprint for a more sustainable development in climate and environment. Equally important, we consider social sustainability for everyone who works with us.

We use the UN’s climate work and the Paris Agreement as a guiding principle for our group to minimize its emissions and in other ways within the business to compensate towards being climate neutral in the long run.


Sustainability Report 2022

For GN Transport, social sustainability has been central since its foundation. Putting our employees, as well as our customers and suppliers, in focus is a matter of course for us. This is the basis for being able to maintain a service at an absolute top level. In recent years, the climate and environment have become increasingly important to the world at large. In accordance with this, GN Transport has invested more and more in reducing our climate footprint and making climate-smart choices to contribute to as high sustainability as possible.
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Interview about sustainability with one of our customers

As part of our work with social sustainability, we have continuous follow-up with our customers where we evaluate the current situation and see how we can improve our service in the future.

However, all our sustainability work is primarily based on one thing; high customer satisfaction. This will constantly be in focus, without satisfied customers there will be no business to develop. Just as in all social sustainability, this is a continuous work and all employees in the group know the importance of maintaining high service and constantly striving to put the customer at the center.

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Malin Flinck
Heléns Rör

*read the entire interview with Malin in our Sustainability Report

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We work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Effectively achieving sustainability on a global scale requires everyone, individuals and companies, to work towards the right and common goals. This is why GN Transport uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which we try to incorporate into our organization in as many ways as possible.

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LED exemplifies GN's sustainability efforts

We at GN Transport believe in looking at every single detail to reduce the footprint we make on the climate and the environment. As part of this, major work has begun to renew the lighting in all premises.

Switching to LED lighting is obviously a good way to reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, it is a way to make investments more cost-effective. To date, we have made investments in LED lighting that are estimated to more than halve our kilowatt hours per year.

This investment is made in our main terminal and we are continuously working to make investments to update and, if necessary, renew lighting in the remaining terminals and premises owned by GN Transport.

Savings from LED lighting

ISO Certificate - A mark of good sustainability performance

Quality is of great importance to us, having the ISO 9001 certificate and using the guidelines to improve our overall service quality is a matter of course. The quality standards of the ISO 9001 norm are maintained in all offices.

ISO 14001 is used to manage and set up environmental management systems. All rules relating to environmental policy within the organization are incorporated. GN Transport currently holds this certification and is used as a guideline for daily operations throughout the group.

Our current certificates are valid until 2024-08-30.

Association Life - GN's path to social sustainability

Associations have always been close to the heart of GN Transport as a result of a strong interest in sport. Being able to help associations contributes both to strengthening the municipalities in our vicinity, but it also gives the athletes, adults and children, the opportunity to get physical activity and socialize. Therefore, we are happy to sponsor locally based associations.

Does your association also want a relationship? We are always open to discuss different sponsorships that can benefit both parties for a better social sustainability and a good mutual exchange. Together with you, we can contribute to a better world!

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