Storage and distribution of part loads

Are you in need of short-term or long-term storage? We provide complete logistic solutions that meet your storage needs. Our terminals in Halmstad (Sweden), Vailly sur Aisne (France), and Bettembourg (Luxembourg) have temperature-controlled storages in order to store frost-sensitive goods.

All our terminals are served by employees with extensive experience in warehouse management to ensure that your goods are handled in a professional and careful way.

Our new facility in Villmanstrand industrial area in Halmstad has high security equipment like CCTV and electric fence providing you with an extra level of safety. In December 2009, we became certified to store wine and alcohol on behalf of our clients. As a complement to your storage, we can also offer you a complete distribution service. You can find more information about our logistics services on the website of our daughter company, GN Logistics



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